Chairman speech

Striving for China's first-class automotive electronics brand

Welcome to Hangzhou autotronics co., Ltd!

Hangzhou autotronics co., Ltd. was established in May 2004, with independent controllable automotive electronics development as own duty. After ten years of development, autotronics has grown to a creative, intelligent, leading R&D type automobile electronic company from scratch rapidly.

We insist on independent research and development, we are on the way of independent research and development; We insist on the development direction of autonomous control, autonomous control, leading the industry trend of the development ; We insist on faith, faith is the power of we face problems and solve problems.

We have the courage to cross the past, set sail in the new starting point; We are happy to accept new technology, using new technology to drive the development of the company; We dare to go beyond ourselves, to sublimate to get a better ourselves in the future; We based on the present, future-oriented, brilliant dream will be realized in the future.

We respect human efforts for social improvement, it is the human society to pay for the sense of responsibility, let our life more beautiful; We respect customer to our demands, this requires the let us more than a bear; We respect the social code of conduct for us, this is we have the responsibility of the society.

We are greatful with the customer choose our service, and the customer gives us all; We are greatful with the community for our support, and society gives us the rights and obligations; We appreciate autotronics staff work together to forge excellent team, and our achievement.

We believe that excellent autotronics for society, for the automotive industry will be dedicated for family, for autotronics, much more!